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Telling Secrets’ emo-tinged modern rock sound is driven by thunderous guitars, angelic vocals, and sinister, atmospheric synthesisers. Telling Secrets was built during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2021 and sole architect behind it all is Vik Kovacs. With stories hidden between the bricks and bones of each song, the band’s debut single, ‘Secret Lies’ is reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘The Tell-Tale Heart’ (Glasse Factory), due to the shared gothic nature. ‘Kovacs’ vocals are fearless with an undaunted voracity’ (AMP Music).


Telling Secrets recently teamed up with Industrialism Films who have previously worked with the likes of Cradle of Filth, Black Veil Brides, and Jamie Campbell Bower, to shoot a music video for their latest track, ‘Full Moon’ which will feature on a full-length LP in early 2024. The lyrics were written by Kovacs himself and co-written by Matt McAndrew (Rain City Drive and The Voice 2014, Runner-up). ‘Bad Dreams’, ‘Lullaby’ and ‘Fragile’ – ‘One of the catchiest choruses of 2022’ (Scene Daddy) - will also feature on the album, all of which were vocally engineered by Rachel Blum (Christina Aguilera, Hozier and SZA). In February 2023, Kovacs won the Petőfi Rádio single award offered by the national Hungarian radio station and will be travelling to Europe to record a late addition to the upcoming album as part of the single-deal prize. – ‘I’ve been putting these songs together for the past two years. The common theme is about change, my experiences moving halfway across the world and the frustration with the process. This frustration summons a darkness within me, and I am releasing it.’  


Vik Kovacs is a product of Eastern European blood and a British upbringing – Born in Budapest, Hungary, he grew up in the United Kingdom moving between London, Surrey and Manchester and later travelled to Los Angeles. ‘I’ve always had a reluctancy in my nature towards identifying with belonging somewhere. I’m not quite English, I wouldn’t say I am Hungarian either because it feels insecure when I’m there due to my prolonged absence. I have lived between two worlds for the past 17 years and now I’m carving my own path in the third world, the US.’ As a multi-faceted nomad musician, Kovacs’ musical roots are founded in technically challenging guitar solo performances, branching into song writing, vocal performance, and music production. ‘The first album that I could not put down was Led Zeppelin IV and within a few years I’d changed gears after I’d heard Dying is your Latest Fashion by Escape the Fate.’ While in Manchester, VK formed an online friendship with Matt McAndrew who helped the Telling Secrets artist reinvent himself as a vocalist. ‘I’ve been through my fair share of changes, but nothing has ever phased me. I come from a long line of German-Hungarian immigrants, nomads of sorts, my musical philosophy is to match my ambition with my execution.’

Prior to this, Kovacs was selected to attend the Royal Northern College of Music for a bachelor’s degree in guitar performance with seven places available per year. During this time Kovacs couldn’t find the band members with whom he could bring his vision to fruition. Brick by brick, Kovacs is establishing himself as a rock artist with double Semi-Final placements in the UK Song writing Contest and International Song writing Contest in 2022. He has accumulated over half-a-million views on YouTube and over 120,000 collective streams across all platforms. Vik Kovacs has featured in Amazon Music’s editorial ‘Best New Band’s’ playlist, Music-News, BBC Radio Introducing, Digital Tour Bus and Hammerworld (HU) along with many more regional media outlets in both the UK and US.

With the success Vik Kovacs has already achieved in the last two years, the band is looking to attract the interest of indie record labels for what is to come after the debut album. VK states, ‘My sole purpose with the album is to raise the bar for the modern hard rock genre again. This will be apparent when the music video for Full Moon is released in late 2023. We shouldn’t have been able to produce a video that looks this good, but we did.’   

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